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Iodine Products

Iochem Corporation is the largest producer of medical-grade iodine in North America. With over 30 years of production experience, we are dedicated to producing the highest quality of prill, flake, resublimed, and recycled iodine on the market. Our unique, continuous production process is coupled with precision quality control and lot traceablilty, allowing us to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. Our iodine products are used in a wide variety of fields, from large pharmaceuticals producing angiogram contrast dye, to cow teet dip for the farming community. Let us know how we can serve your companies needs today!

Iochem is serious about safety! We are dedicated to not only providing a safe working environment for our employees, but also managing the safety of our water extraction, use, and return process. The salt water (brine) that we extract from two mile deep aquifers is processed only for extraction of the Iodine. Unlike waste-water used in oil and gas production, our water is safe to return back to the underground aquifers that it was borrowed from. We take great care to monitor the condition of the water being returned to the earth.

“Sustainable Development” is a globally accepted approach to sustaining economic growth without harming our planet or exhausting its resources while improving the quality of life for its current and future inhabitants. Sustainability is deemed to make a significant contribution towards and company’s success and to safeguard its future development.

Iochem Corporation

Iochem Corporation is committed to explore, locate, and develop sites for the mining, production, and distribution of iodine. Our attention to detail with quality, reliability, and service appropriate for the marketplace is second to none.

We are also committed to function within the principles of sustainability. We strive to operate in a manner designed to minimize our environmental footprint, to protect human rights, to maintain fair working conditions, and to combat corruption worldwide.

Iodine Products

iodine flake

Iodine Flake

Iodine flake products.
Appearance: gray or gray-black flakes.
Assay – 99.5% min

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iodine prill

Prill Iodine

Iodine prill products.
Appearance: gray or gray-black prills.
Assay – 99.5% min

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iodine crystals

Resublimed Iodine

Resublimed iodine products.
Appearance: gray or gray-black flakes.
Assay – 99.8% min

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